Julia Roberts Visits The Taj Mahal

Enjoying a taste of international flair, it was noted Julia Robert do some laps at theTaj Mahal with her husband Daniel Moder today (January 22). The Pretty Woman cutie watched fascinated as he visited the site, chatting on his mobile phone and attract some admirers along the way..

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George Clooney To Appear On Er Once Again

It would be a sort of payback for the show, which catapulted Clooney for some of the big star player is now the casting of him as an original member of the hit drama. According to Entertainment Weekly, George Clooney will be back to his alma mater, ER, a cameo in the film to show the long season finale, although the New York Daily News has reported that NBC has yet to confirm the entry. ER alum George Clooney set to return for final season.

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Sam Rockwell Says He Quot Got His Fingers Crossed For Iron Man 2

Sam Rockwell stars as an alcoholic ex-basketball star who is currently occupied Busing tables. When you are handed the reins of a girl Varsity team of the school main one that is stormy and trying for all concerned. But that beyond the point of s, Salt Lake Tribune reporter Darren Rockwell asked about IRON MAN 2. The Salt Lake Tribune captured with him and the cast of The Winning Season, a film by director James Strouse, which led Grace went to Sundance in 2007.

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Hollywood Nights Academy Award Nominees Robert Pattinson Nylon With Camilla Belle

This is a great day for the couple known as Brangelina as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has landed Oscar Nods. L Academy Awards were announced candidates Thursday morning bright and early on the left coast. Camilla Belle could be Joe Jona latest girlfriend (Miley Cyru is apparently still in love with Nick, and more on that soon), but you seem to know a lot of information about Robert Pattinson, teen heartthrob and part-time dining with pal Camilla..

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Browns Name Five Assistants

Carl Smith, a long offensive coordinator with New Orleans and Jacksonville, will be the quarterbacks coach. He worked in the same capacity for Browns from 2001-03. All four spent the last three years on Mangini staff with the New York Jets. Cleveland Brown head coachEric Mangini name five assistants to his staff on Thursday. Mangini also the name of Bryan Cox defensive line coach, secondary coach Jerome Henderson, Rick Lyle assistant coach for strength and conditioning, and coach Andy Dickerson quality control.

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